August 27, 2015


Based in Toyama, Japan, Futagami is one of the oldest brass foundries in Japan. Founded in 1897, the origins of Futagami were rooted in making brass artifacts for Buddhist shrines and temples. Several years ago, they approached Oji Masanori, a prolific Japanese designer, to design a series of solid brass homewares.

"I design living products. I have dedicated myself in creating them while considering a design which may connect various things gently and comfortably everyday...while considering overall process of how a product is born." - Oji Masanori

Oji Masanori’s work is meant to be used in everyday scenarios, mainly around the home, in addition to the product design he also designs the packaging for his much prized objects. His appreciation for craft in design has led him on this outward journey.

"I thought that the bottle openers felt comfortable in hand when they were a little heavy, so they eventually increased in thickness." - Oji Masanori


Brass products gradually change their color over the course of many years due to oxidization. Futagami’s brass alloy is infamous in Japan for gradually developing a rich patina over the course of many years. The longer they are used, the richer and subtler they become, dissolving into the human heart and the environment.

“I don’t want designs for high-volume production and heavy consumption to grow popular. What I would like to promote are the designs that enable human culture and our respect for it to continue. I would like to focus my energy on designing something that will get everybody to become closer. “ - Oji Masanori


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