Object of the Day


The White Cedar Candle is on our favorite list. An earthy aroma essential to Oregon. Exclusive to the Pacific Northwest, White Cedar is a sweet and creamy wood with spikes of honey and ginger. Classic Virginia red cedar oils add a deeper musky tone. Essential oils are blended into farm-harvested beeswax and soy wax for a clean, long lasting burn. Poured in custom ceramic sink cups hand-thrown in Portland.

Maak Lab candles are made entirely of Oregon beeswax & natural soy wax, and scented with steam distilled essential oils from local plantlife.

Working in collaboration with Mazama, a Portland based Ceramicist, each candle is poured into hand-thrown ceramic sink cups which are amazing in their own right. 

Maak Lab is an exploration and experimentation of the habits. Playing with nature from the streets,   plant-based scents, and the Pacific Northwest environment, Maak Lab works to reconstruct the ephemeral moments from nature for utility, habit, and pleasure. 

Plants and botanicals direct the innards of Maak Lab's line. Ingredients are limited to natural origins from local farms and sustainable sources. In pursuit of the day, enjoy the habits with Maak Lab.



Aromas of sweet cedar, ginger and beeswax
all natural beeswax & soy candle
scented with pure essential oils
40-50 hour minimum burn time
cotton wick
hand-thrown ceramic sink cup 
no artificial ingredients

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