Bike Bell Brass by AJI Project




Designed by Japanese architect Oji Masanori, the Viva brass bicycle bell was inspired by the traditional bike bell found all throughout Japan and Asia. The stainless steel attachment clamp adjusts to accommodate varying diameters of handlebars, and the "universal sound" of the 100% brass bell is a crystal clear and pleasant chime that alerts both pedestrians and fellow cyclists to your approach. 

Viva Bicycle Accessories has been manufacturing bicycle bells for Tokyo San Esu Co. since the 1950s. This brass bicycle bell, introduced in 1974, has remained their most popular model for over 40 years. This classic bike bell has been the industry standard for bicycle bells since its introduction.

Made in Japan

Material: thick brass plated steel with stainless steel attachment clamp and bell lever. Dimensions: 4.5 cm diameter.


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Type: Gift

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